Trump Leads in Presidential Elections, According to 2024 Polls

( – The Trump lead over the current Presidential Elections 2024 polling appears to be strong and consistent. This body of GOP voters, which the legacy media referred to as the “Always Trump” component, remains “rigid,” Politico analyzed.

Due to the prominence of Trump’s support within the GOP, other Presidential Republican nomination contenders have reportedly neglected to say directly that they are running against the former president. However, as possible contenders for the Republican nomination, all Republicans in the race are initially competing against Trump. Media analysts reasoned that the mass number of Republicans competing for the nomination may, in fact, support Trump’s candidacy.

A group of at least eight Republicans is expected to contend against Trump in the upcoming election. Of these, former governor of South Carolina and Trump administration diplomat to the United Nations Nikki Haley has officially announced a presidential campaign. The crowd-favorite contender so far is the incumbent governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, though he had yet to make an official statement launching a presidential campaign at the time of this report.

Despite being the favorite contender in polls, DeSantis was “easily beaten” by Trump in a nominee winner outlook poll by Emerson College, The Hill reported. Trump leads the poll at 55%, while DeSantis comes in at 25%, roughly half of the polled vote. The poll found that, in what could hypothetically be a 10-way Republican battle for the nomination, no other candidates besides Trump and DeSantis “broke double digits” in the poll’s scoring system. Haley received just 5 percent of the vote, while former vice president Mike Pence held 8 percent, taking a slight lead over Haley.

As Trump’s lead has taken hold, nearly “all” Republican senators have refused to announce presidential bids, NBC reported. The Republicans stated that any potential bids from the senators would “historically” be an uphill climb as they would be running against both incumbent president Joe Biden and former president Trump.

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