Trump Launches Plan to Defeat Liz Cheney

Trump Plans Launches Plan to Defeat Liz Cheney

( – Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) drew the ire of conservative voters across the country earlier this year when she opposed then-President Donald Trump in the second impeachment proceeding against him. The Wyoming GOP even opted to censure Cheney in February over this decision. It looks like her woes aren’t set to end there.

The 45th president was never one to turn the other cheek in response to an attack against him. He appears intent on seeing Cheney pay for breaking ranks. On Wednesday, April 14, Trump spoke about the Wyoming primary and the potential dangers of too many candidates splitting the vote, allowing Cheney to win. To that end, he made an apparent commitment to endorse a candidate in the near future.

These comments followed a Fox News appearance by Cheney during which (in total disregard of her censure) she once again accused Trump of “insurrection.” She also said she wouldn’t back him if he ran in the next presidential election.

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