Trump Lashes Out at Possible GOP Contender Ron DeSantis on Social Media

( – As many possible Republican candidates prepare to compete against Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential Elections, Trump has had mixed responses. The current crowd favorite for Trump counter candidate is Florida incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump has “lashed out” against DeSantis on social media, CNN reported.

Trump went on a reported “1 am rant” against Ron DeSantis, on Truth Social, saying that “low energy” Jeb Bush was DeSantis’s hero. He also wrote that DeSantis “tested and tested” for the “China Virus” but that his frequent testing “did not work out,” and claimed that his skills in loyalty were weak.

Likewise, Trump reportedly “railed” against the New York Post for a profile piece the editorial published on DeSantis, The Hill reported. Trump railed against the magazine, one of the nation’s top tabloids, after the publication released a profile of all the likely Republican contenders for the 2024 presidential election party nomination. A quote from DeSantis saying that people do not want agendas “shoved down their throat” reportedly is what triggered the former president’s rant on social media.

Trump has been critical of other Republicans as he has come under public scrutiny for the continued criminal probe inquiry into his conduct during January 6, 2021, electoral votes notarization ceremony. Trump is accused of inciting the rabble of political protestors who stormed into the Capitol as electoral votes were notarized. While the Fulton County, Georgia grand jury did not find evidence of election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election in the state, there was evidence that some witnesses may have lied under oath.

As Trump lashed out at DeSantis, GOP leaders reportedly grew “impatient” with DeSantis’ delay in formally announcing his entry into the 2024 presidential race, The Hill reported. GOP leaders reportedly are growing anxious about Trump’s lead in the race, as DeSantis delays his anticipated formal announcement.

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