Trump Jr. Wows With “Willy Wonka” Evoking CPAC Special Feature

( – Donald Trump Jr., son of the former president, wowed crowds at the Conservative Political Action Committee with what media reports called a “Willy Wonka” evoking stage presence, The Hill reported. As Trump took the stage, he reportedly urged his attendees to “look under their seats.” Trump Jr. told attendees that if they found a gold chocolate bar under their seat where they were sitting, they were the “lucky winner” of a VIP reception with former president Donald Trump on March 4.

The former president was scheduled to speak at CPAC on March 4 and had not yet taken to the stage at the time of this report. The former president’s remarks were scheduled to air from C-SPAN on March 4 at 5:25pm EST.

When the golden chocolate bars were found, attendees of CPAC could be heard “screaming for joy.” It was not clear how many such chocolate bars were discovered under CPAC attendee seats.

Donald Trump’s presence at CPAC was strong, leading Politico to refer to the event as “Trump’s CPAC.” Politico criticized the domineering presence that Trump took at the event, recalling a time when CPAC was a “living monument” to such as former president Ronald Reagan. However, the CPAC of 2023 will reportedly take strong steps to step away from the era of Reagan, with a political insider telling Axios reporters that Trump plans to attack his rival incumbent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by portraying him as a “Reagan Republican” disguised as a MAGA Republican.

The insider reportedly told Axios reporters that while DeSantis was formerly a Reagan Republican, he is “awkwardly” trying to square his views to align with the “populism” of the current Republican party. Trump reportedly intends to use a “four pronged” approach to weaken DeSantis’ opposition to him.

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