Trump Has Scheduled Zero Events Since Announcing His Campaign

Trump Has Scheduled Zero Events Since Announcing His Campaign

( – Former President Donald Trump announced his third run for the White House on November 15. However, there have been mixed reactions to the news, with many Republicans blaming him for the party’s poor performance in the midterm elections. The former president appears to be biding his time before he fully launches his campaign, as he has not yet scheduled a single event since officially unveiling his candidacy.

Trump’s absence from the campaign trail is not the only reason analysts are engaging in negative speculation about his prospects in 2024. Many critics, even those on the Right, felt he missed the mark with his official announcement, claiming it lacked direction and was uninspiring.

He received another blow more recently as Herschel Walker lost his US Senate runoff election in Georgia, sending incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock back to the Upper Chamber. That outcome leaves the Democrats with a 50-49 advantage in the Senate after Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s switch to Independent. This means Republicans have one seat less than before the elections, despite early expectations of a “red wave.” Many analysts believe Trump’s endorsements were the reason for the lackluster performance of Conservatives in the elections.

What do you think Donald Trump has been up to over the last number of weeks?

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