Trump Has Found Ron DeSantis’ Big Weakness!

Trump Has Identified Ron DeSantis' Big Weakness

Trump Has Identified Ron DeSantis’ Big Weakness

( – As speculation around the 2024 presidential election grows more prominent, there are two clear frontrunners for the GOP nomination; former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). According to a recent report from The Washington Post, Trump’s team believes it has identified a key shortcoming in DeSantis as a potential presidential candidate.

Acknowledging DeSantis would likely run against Trump in 2024, the former president’s advisers indicated that the governor’s state-dominated background in politics could work against him. They told the Post his lack of experience in national elections would place him at a disadvantage to Trump, who is well accustomed to that arena.

However, DeSantis has advantages of his own. He has recently firmly established himself as an opponent to the Biden administration on immigration, something Trump’s voter base will like. Also, he does not have the burden of association with the events of January 6, 2021, as Trump does.

Some polling data shows the former president losing ground to the popular governor. One recent study put DeSantis ahead of Trump in his home state of Florida. However, polling averages from RealClearPolitics put the 45th president well ahead of his closest rival in general, showing Trump with slightly over half of the overall support.

Who do you think the GOP will nominate to run for the presidency in 2024?

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