Trump Indicted by Manhattan Court After Holding Texas Rally

( – A grand jury meeting in Manhattan over the case of former President Donald Trump’s payments of hush money to a former adult film star was set to reconvene on Monday, March 27, sources told Reuters. At the time of this report, criminal charges were still pending for the former president, sparking a political firestorm. The former president, as of March 27, had taken a “double-digit lead” to his possible Presidential Election 2024 rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, however, on the evening of March 30, Donald Trump was officially indicted by the New York Grand Jury.

Former President Donald Trump stands to be indicted following allegations that he paid former adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 dollars to keep silent about an intimate affair they had, prior to the 2016 presidential election cycle, NPR News reported in 2018.

Donald Trump, in light of all of this controversy, took to the campaign trail. On March 26, Trump kicked off the first campaign rally of his third presidential campaign in Waco, Texas, the Associated Press reported. During his rally, Trump vowed “retribution” for his political foes, MSNBC reported. Trump reportedly “attacked” his prosecutors in a string of rebuttals to the impending indictment proceedings. Trump likewise posted to Truth Social claiming that the prosecutors were “interfering” with the 2024 Presidential Election cycle, and that this was the “new ballot stuffing” for Democrats.

The Trump campaign put its focus on DeSantis as a rival, and warned DeSantis’ staffers that they “would not be hired” as staffers for the campaign’s anticipated second administration, NBC reported. DeSantis has not formally joined the presidential race, and his staff stated that he will not likely make any official statements on his intentions until at least June, NBC reported.

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