Trump Gives DeSantis Advice on His Campaign

( – Former President Donald Trump gave criticism and advice to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the wake of DeSantis’ formal bid to run for the Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential election.

During a speech at the North Carolina Republican Convention, Trump criticized DeSantis’ tendency to contradict himself when explaining the correct pronunciation of his name. Trump questioned why currently the campaign says the name phonetically “Dee-Santis.” Previously, the campaign pronounced the name phonetically as “Deh-Santis,” or ‘Da-Santis.”

DeSantis has been Trump’s leading rival for the Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential campaign. However, DeSantis did not formally announce his bid for the presidency until late May.

Trump has made light of Ron DeSantis, nicknaming him “Sanctimonious,” a nickname that DeSantis has brushed off and stated that he “kinda likes.” Likewise, DeSantis called out Trump for making comments about his name, telling reporters the way to pronounce his surname was “winner.”

The bitter rivalry between the former president and DeSantis continues. Trump’s supporter base has been critical of DeSantis over his alleged ties to George Soros. While DeSantis is reportedly not directly affiliated with Soros, he will be attending a New York fundraiser where one of the executives was formerly linked to the Soros investment firm.

The fundraiser event will take place on June 29 at the Yale Club in New York City, New York, a copy of the invitation obtained by CNBC confirmed.

DeSantis recently secured the endorsement of the Oklahoma governor for his race. Trump was outraged by this endorsement and took to Truth social media to express his opinions of the endorsement. The former president claimed that he helped the Oklahoma governor to be elected in his recent campaign through his endorsement. Trump claimed that his endorsement was what caused the Oklahoma governor to win and that it was surprising to him that he would endorse DeSantis who is “losing” to Biden.

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