Trump Gets Question About Ron DeSantis’ New Nickname

( – Former President Donald Trump was openly questioned by the reporter Bret Baier about why he uses the name “Ron Sanctimonious” for his Presidential 2024 Republican nomination rival Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

When asked directly by the show host, Trump argued that he was responsible for getting DeSantis elected in Florida, and in return, DeSantis chose to run against him in the 2024 presidential primary race. The former president views this as a form of betrayal, and he told Baier that his attacks on Desantis have been personally motivated. Trump maintained the belief that DeSantis was “dead” in political terms before he essentially brought him back to life through his endorsement.

The question came during a live television interview with the Fox News host. During this interview, the former president became agitated with the anchor and called the network “hostile.” Trump had told the network, in reference to his relationship with DeSantis, that he was a big “loyalist.”

When asked if he sees DeSantis as a challenger, Trump only acknowledged that DeSantis is in the number two spot of Republican GOP primary polling.

Since announcing his presidential aspirations, DeSantis has been more critical of Trump. The two Republican candidates have exchanged barbs during speeches and in the form of AI-generated political advertisements.

DeSantis has continued to ramp up his media campaigns, choosing to switch focus from his Trump rivalry to his ongoing rivalry with California Governor Gavin Newsom. DeSantis made a recent visit to San Francisco, and, on-site, filmed a campaign ad in the shanty towns of a “collapsed” neighbor in the area.

During his ad, DeSantis claimed that he saw people on the streets using heroin, as well as smoking crack cocaine and defecating on the sidewalks. DeSantis expressed disgust and claimed that California was governing its state wrong, while also stating that, in his view, San Francisco is no longer a “vibrant” place.

DeSantis used his appearance in San Francisco to drive home the point that “policies” and “leadership” matter for America.

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