Trump Gains Traction as 2024 Republican Nomination Race Heats Up

( – Polls saw what political analysts called a “Trump bump” or a steep incline of Trump’s growing lead in February, Axios reported.

Trump’s campaign appears to steeply overshadow DeSantis, as Trump has taken an aggressive stance on his running contender. Political Analysts note that while DeSants does not appear to directly attack Trump in his book “Courage To Be Free,” Trump has made verbal attacks on DeSantis through his social media channels and other public channels, affixing his opponent with unflattering nicknames, New York magazine wrote.

Trump “roasted” DeSantis in what political commentary show The Young Turks called a “most humiliating outburst”, referring to a series of comments Trump made on social media that were reported by Meredith McGraw at Politico. Trump reportedly contradicted DeSantis’ statements about vaccinations. DeSantis has been “openly skeptical” about the government’s vaccination efforts, but Trump claimed that he has “promoted the vaccine” as much as anyone.

In addition to his comments on DeSantis, Trump “pledged to get revenge” on his backers, Newsweek wrote. In a recent speech, Trump stated that there would be “retribution” against the former Trump donors who attended a pro-DeSantis event in Palm Beach, Florida, just a few miles away from the Trump estate at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump reportedly singled out McIntosh in a post to Truth Social, his social media alternative to Twitter, on February 28. In his post, Trump called McIntosh a “failed Congressman” and said that he and his “globalist friends” at “Club For No Growth” had fought him through his 2016 campaign. Trump claimed that Club For Growth and McIntosh likewise fought him in the 2020 Senate races across Ohio, Alabama, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. In his February 28th Truth Social post, Trump claimed that the Club For Growth members are aware he will seek “retribution” against them for this conflict, calling them out directly.

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