Trump Gains 46 Point Lead Over DeSantis in Polls; Gains Continue Despite Ongoing Legal Hurdles

( – Former President Donald Trump gained a “46 point lead” over potential Presidential 2024 election cycle rival Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, despite his ongoing legal hurdles. Political Analysts estimate that Trump is the likely Republican nominee, with some members of the GOP, including Presidential 2024 campaign hopeful Chris Christie, questioning whether or not Trump was “inevitable,” Politico reported.

Christie called on his supporters to not put the Presidential race on autopilot only due to the fact that Trump is leading Republican candidates by such a high margin, Politico reported.

Trump had risen to 62% of the Republican voted candidate in a poll taken by Emerson College in late April, Interactive Polls stated on April 27. This was a lead over DeSantis’ 16%, the poll stated. Trump shared the results of this poll to his Truth Social page on April 27.

Despite Trump’s pronounced lead over DeSantis and his other contenders in the early forecasted Republican polls, many Republican candidates have either announced campaigns,are considering runs, or are being considered by political analysis. For example, an Ex-GOP strategist told Business Insider that former Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson could declare a 2024 run and would be a “huge threat” if he did.

The former president is embroiled in legal controversy over allegations of a 1990s rape made by advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, an indictment from the District Attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg over alleged business document fraud, an ongoing lawsuit by New York Attorney General Leticia James which alleges fraud and includes Trump’s children as well, the New York Post reports, and an investigation by the House Intelligence Committee over classified documents that were retrieved from Trump’s private estate at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. A guide to all the cases against Trump was put together by New York Magazine on April 26.

E. Jean Carroll testified in the lawsuit against Trump on April 26, The Washington Post reported. In her testimony, Carroll claimed that Trump had “raped her” and then “shattered her reputation.” Trump contends that he had not met Carroll before and that he did not assault her. On April 27, Carroll was cross-examined on her allegations, The New York Times reported.

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