Trump Forms New “Office of the Former President”

Trump Forms New

( – When Donald Trump left Washington, DC on January 20, he told a crowd of supporters he would be back in some form. His team is now setting up the apparatus to make communication with his supporters easier.

On Monday, January 25, Trump’s team announced the founding of the “Office of the Former President” on Monday, January 25. This office will be used to manage his “correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities” and will be situated in Palm Beach, Florida.

This latest move could also allow Trump to do important work in the future. Our most recent former president has a flair for advocacy work; his role in structuring the Abraham Accords is ample evidence of that.

The creation of this office shows us he’s serious about his commitment to the American people. We’re likely to see him undertake fresh efforts to effect positive change in the country. It’s exciting to think about what he has in store for the country.

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