Trump ENDS Interview Abruptly After Alleged Mistreatment

Trump ENDS Interview Abruptly After Alleged Mistreatment

( – Locking horns with the media once again, Donald Trump accused CBS News of bias as he cut short a “60 Minutes” interview on Tuesday, October 20. The discussion, conducted by Lesley Stahl, is due to air on Sunday. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were also interviewed for the program.

Media outlets have been quick to paint this incident as a failure on Trump’s part. However, the word from the White House tells a different story. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated, via Twitter, that Lesley Stahl had come to the interview unprepared and had to be fact-checked by the president several times.

Donald Trump was also quick to express his dissatisfaction. While stating his view that the interview was biased, he also suggested releasing the footage himself, before CBS gets a chance to.

Media bias against our president is no longer surprising. This is likely just another example of a dogmatic news organization refusing to tell stories or explore angles that don’t fit their narrative.

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