Trump Endorsed Kari Lake To Run for Senate Seat in Arizona

( – Speculation that former newscaster and TV personality Kari Lake would be Trump’s running mate for his presidential run next year have seemingly been quashed by the latter’s endorsement for Lake to become an Arizona senator.

In a video played at Lake’s kickoff campaign rally in Scottsdale, Arizona, Trump offered a glowing endorsement of his preferred candidate, calling Lake “one of the toughest fighters in our movement.” She rained praise on the former commander-in-chief in turn during the rally, while also condemning the policies of the Biden administration which she said has resulted in higher mortgages and increases in pump prices. She also criticized the federal government for what she says is a lackluster response to the crisis at the U.S. Mexico border – part of which is in Arizona – that has seen tens of thousands of illegal immigrants attempt to cross into the United States.

Lake has been a protégé of Trump of sorts, and has seemingly been following in his footsteps – following a loss in the last gubernatorial race in Arizona, she has refused to concede and has instead filed lawsuits alleging that she was cheated.

Her solid and strong support for Trump was one of the reasons – along with appearances in a number of his rallies – that she was rumored to be one of the prospective candidates for the former president’s running mate next year. News outlets previously reported that Lake, along with Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene were in a “death race” to become Trump’s right hand come the 2024 elections.

Lake’s run to become Arizona senator isn’t going to be a walk in the park though, as she is set to face Mark Lamb, the sheriff of Arizona’s Pinal County in the primaries. If she wins the primary, then Lake is expected to face off with Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego, who will run for the Democrats. Senator Kyrsten Sinema currently holds the senate seat Lake is gunning for – Sinema was previously a Democrat but has since changed her affiliation to become an Independent, and has not made any announcement if she will seek re-election.

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