Trump Draws Criticism for Comments on Russian, Chinese, and North Korean Dictators

( – On April 12, former President Donald Trump drew backlash on social media for comments he made about the dictators of Russia, the People’s Republic of China, and North Korea. The former president reportedly claimed that these leaders “were smart people” and that he wished that the United States had leaders comparable to his view of dictators, USA Today reported.

Trump’s comments were made during his first interview since being arrested, which was conducted by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Specifically, he praised Chinese communist regime President Xi Jinping calling him “brilliant” and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, who he called “very smart.”

During this interview, Trump also praised other American leaders, calling California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom an “always very nice” person. Trump said that he got along with the governor well during his presidency.

In the interview, Trump stated that New York court workers and police officers were “incredible.” Trump claimed that people overseeing his booking were “crying.” Trump said that these workers are known for putting in murderers and other types of criminals and that the space is a “tough, tough” place to work in. Some of them even apologized to the former president.

The former president was reportedly indicted and arraigned on “34 felony counts” of alleged business document fraud for payments made to former adult film star Stormy Daniels and American model Karen McDougal. McDougal is a former Playboy model who alleges that Trump had an affair with her, BBC reported.

McDougal explained that she and Trump had a “10-month relationship” where they saw each other” many dozens” of times, but she described the relationship as “loving and consensual,” CNN reported. McDougal also claimed that she believed she was the only woman Trump was seeing, apart from his wife, at the time of their relationship, and that the former president did not use protection when they were intimate.

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