Trump Denies Special Counsel Involvement Despite Liberal Media’s Claims

Trump Denies Special Counsel Involvement Despite Liberal Media's Claims

( – The stories about Hunter Biden’s allegedly unethical foreign business dealings have taken America by storm in the last several weeks. While the extent of his potential wrongdoing did not become obvious until after the presidential election, it is still causing huge reputational damage to his father, Joe.

On Wednesday, December 16, reports indictated that President Donald Trump was thinking about hiring a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s tax affairs. This followed the revelation, last week, that Biden’s finances were the subject of a federal investigation. However, the president dismissed these rumors as “Fake News.”

Given the media’s obsession with painting Trump negatively, it is entirely unsurprising they would try to spin this story against him. Whether Trump is involved or not, however, this will not play well for Hunter Biden.

Despite the family’s efforts to keep a lid on this story, the public will find out all about it once the details of the federal investigation are released. It could end up being one of the defining political stories of 2021.

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