Trump Critic Adam Kinzinger to Retire

Trump Critic Adam Kinzinger to Retire

( – Following the highly contentious presidential election of 2020 and the January 6 Capitol Hill riot, most Republicans rallied behind former President Donald Trump as he faced scathing criticism from the Left. There were notable exceptions, however, including Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). In a move that has surprised some, Kinzinger has just announced his retirement.

On Friday, October 29, the Illinois representative declared he was stepping away from his career in Congress. In his statement on the move, he was fiercely critical of Republicans who did not join him in condemning Trump. He claimed tribalism had taken over American politics and that it was time for him to move away from government for that reason.

However, skeptics have pointed out there may be another motivation behind Kinzinger’s decision. Democrats have control of the redistricting process in Illinois at present, and it appears they intended to use this power to pit Kinzinger against Republican opposition in a tight race. Given the unpopular stand the representative took against Donald Trump, it’s likely he would have struggled to hang onto his seat.

Kinzinger was keen to stress that this did not mark the end of his time in politics but rather a new beginning. Americans may not have seen the last of him yet.

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