Trump Claims To Enjoy Legal Assault

( – Former President Donald Trump stated that he “enjoys” the “legal assault” that he has been pressed with, in a “sick way.”

Trump was referring to a recent indictment under the Espionage Act, following a federal probe into his handling of classified documents from the Trump administration.

The former president stated that he has “5,000 prosecutors” looking into allegations against him. In addition, he claimed that the justice system had launched “witch hunt after witch hunt” to stop the Make America Great Again movement.

The Trump 2024 campaign has accused the “Biden-led” special counsel of launching a witch hunt into Trump, stating that the FBI was politically motivated to raid Trump’s home in Florida.

Trump has stated that he and his campaign will “never surrender” in the face of the inquisition into him. Trump believes that the legal prosecution is conducting a massive “election interference” campaign.

Former Attorney General William Barr appeared on CNN to explain that he was “shocked” by the sensitivity of the documents that were recovered from Trump’s estate. Barr stated that, in his view, the FBI likewise had solid counts under the Espionage Act to proceed with prosecuting Trump. The Justice Department alleged that the documents Trump had in his possession included defense, weapons capabilities, and other information sensitive to national security.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton likewise explained what kind of documents Trump handled, and why they were regarded as sensitive by prosecutors. Bolton explained that if the former president did have “anything like” what the Justice Department alleged, and if the department could prove allegations, then Trump “committed serious crimes.”

Trump will reportedly face a magistrate judge in Miami, Florida to hear his charges. Trump reportedly had “difficulty” finding a lawyer ahead of scheduled arraignment proceedings. At the time of this report, it was expected that Trump may need to find a lawyer or his arraignment could be delayed.

Media reports stated that the Trump 2024 campaign hopes to hold a fundraiser and a speech from Trump’s New Jersey golf course following the former president’s Miami arraignment. This was held in Bedminster, New Jersey on June 14.

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