Trump Cheers SCOTUS Ruling Against Student Debt Relief

( – Former President Donald Trump is celebrating the latest decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to strike down President Joe Biden’s proposed student loan forgiveness proposal. Sounding off at a recent conservative event in Philadelphia on June 30, Trump said that Biden’s plan to forgive student debt would have been “very unfair” to all those who’d worked and saved to pay off their student debts. Trump added that Biden is “crooked” and “very corrupt.”

The Biden White House has not responded to Trump’s attacks, nor to celebration from other prominent Republicans including former Vice-President Mike Pence and 2024 President candidate and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. For his part, Scott has called the proposal from Biden “illegal and immoral,” emphasizing that SCOTUS made the right decision in blocking it.

Pence has said he feels “honored” to have been in the Trump administration when SCOTUS justices were appointed who played a part in voting down Biden’s plan. The Republican National Committee (RNC) has consistently portrayed Biden’s plan as a “subsidy” for entitled liberal students to get a free ride. Other Republicans also applauded the move, including Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana who said this was part of a string of “huge victories” for SCOTUS.

Trump is taking credit for blocking Biden’s plan to forgive $430 billion in student debt, considering that all three of the SCOTUS justices appointed under Trump voted to stop Biden’s proposal. These justices, namely Justices Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh, all weighed in to judge the student loan forgiveness as unconstitutional.

Biden’s proposal would have helped eliminate some of the current $1.78 trillion in US student debt, a quantity which is mushrooming out of control and been the focus of many Democratic candidates. Others such as Florida Governor and 2024 GOP candidate for POTUS Ron DeSantis have proposed that post-secondary institutions be held financially liable for students who default on student loan debt.

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