Trump Celebrates Much-Maligned Liz Cheney’s Loss

Trump Celebrates Much-Maligned Liz Cheney's Loss

Trump WINS – His Biggest Enemy Just Got Defeated

( – Wyoming’s Rep. Liz Cheney (R) has had a difficult time in politics since she took a stand against then-President Donald Trump in January 2021. After her vote to impeach Trump, her membership in the Wyoming GOP was revoked, and she lost her position as the GOP conference chair in the House, the third-highest party position in the chamber. The lawmaker’s fall from grace continued on Tuesday, August 16, as confirmation of her loss in her Republican primary against Harriet Hageman came through.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump was happy to see Cheney go.

Trump Congratulates Hageman, Criticizes Cheney & House Select Committee

Trump took to Truth Social to publish a number of posts about the Wyoming primary. He said the people of Wyoming had done America a service by ousting Liz Cheney, and that they had made their voices heard on the subject of the Select Committee investigating January 6. He was sharply critical of the defeated lawmaker, stating she was “spiteful [and] sanctimonious,” and that she now found herself in “political oblivion.”

Cheney is one of just two Republicans on the Select Committee, the other being Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). The fact both GOP lawmakers on the panel are anti-Trumpers has led to widespread accusations of bias.

The feud between Trump and Cheney stems from the latter’s decision to vote in favor of impeachment following the events of January 6, 2021. She was among just 10 conservative lawmakers in the House of Representatives to make this call; now, just two of them still have a chance to retake their seats in Congress next year. This, many commentators say, illustrates just how much influence Trump retains within the GOP voter base.

Cheney v. Hageman

According to results published by PBS, Hageman claimed 66.3% of the vote in the primary race, compared to Cheney’s 28.9%. This was a more comprehensive victory than pollsters had projected, though surveys did strongly suggest Hageman would be victorious.

In her victory speech, Hageman reiterated her belief that President Joe Biden had won the presidential election of 2020 by way of fraud. She leaned heavily on her America First credentials when she addressed a crowd in Cheyenne on Tuesday. The candidate claimed the people of Wyoming backed her in this, and that her primary victory was a win for those who wanted to see arrogant career politicians lose their power. Analysts expect her to triumph in November’s general election as Wyoming is a strongly conservative, pro-Trump state.

Do you think Harriet Hageman will do a better job in Congress than Liz Cheney?

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