Trump Celebrates Accomplishment At Texas Border Wall

Trump Celebrates Accomplishment at Texas Border Wall

( – Despite the constant negative media coverage of his activities over the past few weeks, President Donald Trump has remained determined to interact with the people he serves. He hasn’t let the media or Democrats stop him from doing his job.

On Tuesday, January 12, the president visited the border town of Alamo, Texas. It was his first public event since the violent protests at the Capitol Building on January 6. Before addressing those present, he signed a section of the border wall. He called the wall one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the country’s history.

The president told the Border Patrol agents that the wall should be exactly what they want and thanked them for working on it with him. He went through some of his accomplishments and then ended the upbeat speech by giving thanks to the agents. He told ICE, DHS, Border Patrol and law enforcement that they have earned the “everlasting gratitude” of America. He told them he was praying that they’d be respected “long into the future.”

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