Trump Cancels Press Conference

( – Former president Donald Trump cancelled a press conference in which he promised to provide “detailed but irrefutable” proof regarding this claims about the 2020 election.

Posting on his Truth Social account, Trump said that “Based on the results of this CONCLUSIVE Report,” all charges against him and other co-accused would have to be dropped, claiming that his proof would result in a “complete EXONERATION!”

However, lawyers urged Trump to reconsider, citing concerns that making such public statements would further complicate his already fraught legal situation – the 41-count Georgia indictment is Trump’s fourth, but this latest also charges a number of other individuals including Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and John Eastman, who were members of the former president’s legal team, as well as Mark Meadows, who was the White House chief of staff from 2020 to 2021. Individually, Trump is facing 13 felony charges.

Trump seems to have heeded the warnings of his attorneys, saying that he will be releasing his proof in court instead.

In a post on self-owned social media platform Truth Social, the former commander-in-chief posted that all the information he has regarding the 2020 election that would be included in legal filings instead as part of the his legal battle to have the “disgraceful” indictment dismissed. Trump also called Fulton Country, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, who heads the case against him, a “publicity & campaign finance seeking” official whose tenure featured “record breaking Murder & Violent Crime.” As such, the former president said that a press conference was no longer needed.

The case has renewed attacks by the former chief executive against the elections in Georgia, but Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who is also a Republican, reiterated in a tweet that Trump’s claims are false. He pointed out that no one accusing the state of holding fraudulent elections has come forward to present their proof under oath. Kemp also vowed that while he serves as governor, elections in Georgia would always be “secure, accessible, and fair.”

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