Trump Campaign Raises Millions With New Mugshot T-Shirt

( – The Trump campaign had raised $12 million as of April 5 with the new photoshopped mugshot t-shirt the campaign created, Fox News reported.

The president was recently indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for “falsifying documents,” Fox News reported. Since the Trump legal case moved forward on March 30, the Trump campaign created a mugshot t-shirt that supporters could purchase to support the former president’s legal defense and presidential campaign.

Media critics have accused the Manhattan District Attorney and the New York courts of attempting to interfere with the presidential election, following the legal proceedings. However, despite the impact that the criminal charges had been expected by political analysts to have on Trump, the Trump campaign says that it has benefited from the news.

The Trump campaign stated that it raised $4 million in the hours that followed the Trump indictment, Fox News reported. On April 4, Forbes reported that the Trump campaign had raised $7 million from the t-shirt campaign, at the time of the report.

The Trump campaign has advertised the “Not Guilty” t-shirt campaign that highlighted the emphasis the campaign puts on Trump’s appeal of innocence. The Trump campaign argues that indictment charges have only made the MAGA cause stronger and that this will add fuel to the campaign message.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz told Fox News that the issues with the Trump legal challenges called on Trump to “pivot” from what he described as the “silliness” of calling the president in to testify on so many charges. Trump had initially been investigated for a misdemeanor charge in the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal but was later charged on 34 felony accounts by Manhattan D.A. Bragg.

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