Trump Campaign Pressures Florida Governor Ron DeSantis To Resign, Formally Announce 2024 Presidential Bid

( – Following an ethics claim levied against the incumbent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Donald Trump 2024 Presidential campaign now seeks DeSantis’ resignation from the governor’s office, pressuring him to formally announce a 2024 presidential bid, Business Insider reported.

The Trump campaign reportedly has accused the Florida governor of “taxpayer-funded globe-trotting.” The Trump campaign claimed that DeSantis was on a “month-long” campaign to run for president. The Trump campaign sent an email on Monday accusing DeSantis of making campaign trail stops in April, including to Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Texas, and South Carolina. Under Florida’s “resign to run law,” the Trump campaign maintains that DeSantis needs to resign from his incumbent office to be able to continue to pursue the presidential candidacy, Business Insider reported.

The Trump campaign has been hotly critical of DeSantis, who, at the time of this report, had yet to formally announce his bid for the Presidential race in 2024. DeSantis is, however, expected to run for the Republican Party’s nomination, and is the leading contender against Trump. Trump, however, leads polls by a strong margin, Five Thirty-Eight reported, as of April 12.

In March, the Trump 2024 campaign filed an ethics complaint with the Florida Commission of Ethics accusing DeSantis of leading a “shadow campaign” for the White House. The ethics complaint called for DeSantis to be prosecuted and punished “to the full extent of the law,” the Associated Press reported. The ethics complaint by MAGA Inc. contained 15 pages worth of accusations about the Florida governor’s alleged abuse of power for his political advancement, the AP reported. Taryn Fenske, DeSantis’ communications director, dismissed the ethics complaint, stating that it was “inappropriate” to use state ethics complaint channels “for partisan purposes.”

Meanwhile, DeSantis continues to maintain a steady pace of his reformist platform for the governor’s office in Florida.DeSantis has reportedly sought to push the Supreme Court to overturn precedents on the death penalty, calling on the Florida legislature to expand the death penalty to non-homicide crimes, particularly sexual battery crimes against minors, Slate magazine reported.

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