Trump Calls Russian Invasion a “Holocaust”

Trump Calls Russian Invasion a

( – As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to expand, more and more world leaders have come forward to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin. The latest US figure to make his voice heard on the issue is none other than former President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, March 2, the former president gave an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo in which he covered a lot of angles related to the Russia/Ukraine conflict. He pulled no punches in his assessment of the seriousness of the situation, calling it a “holocaust.”

Trump alleged President Joe Biden was at fault for what was happening, claiming Putin would never have invaded Ukraine in this fashion if he were still the president. Under the Biden administration, Trump claimed, America has lost a lot of respect at home and aboard. He added Ukraine was only holding out against Russia because of the military equipment it received from the US during the Trump administration.

However, there were positive notes in what the former president said. He thinks Russia may have underestimated the challenge it will face in Ukraine, and the Kremlin may soon be willing to listen to offers of a diplomatic resolution to the conflict.

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