Trump Calls on Voters to Sign Petition, Pledge Campaign Donations Against His Arrest

( – Trump called on his network of supporters to sign a petition to protest his possible arrest, which was still pending at the time of this report. Petitioners were asked to make a presidential campaign donation spanning from $24 to $3,300 or more, Business Insider reported. The money that Trump raised from this petition went toward his 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump had previously gone to Truth social to petition his followers to “take the country back,” sparking reports of concerns about violence.

Trump predicted the terms of his possible arrest, which was still pending at the time of this report, and called on his supporters to stage protests, Politico reported. Police across many major cities in the United States geared up for protests, and New York City constructed barriers around the Manhattan Criminal Court as a precaution, ABC News reported.

As the Trump indictment loomed nearer and was still pending at the time of this report, protesters called for trucker boycotts and other boycotts across social media. Groups of protesters gathered around New York City, including under the Trump Tower, where the NYPD also added barriers as a precaution. The NYPD has been placed on alert by New York City officials, as officials, including Secret Service and the FBI, continue to meet to discuss security. If indicted, Trump will be brought to court where he will be fingerprinted and photographed, ABC News reported.

Likewise, political figures began to react to the possibility of a Trump indictment. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called out the Manhattan District Attorney for focusing on crimes that allegedly happened “many, many years ago,” instead of current crimes, in pursuit of a “political agenda,” Florida Channel 11 broadcast. Likewise, Senator Lindsey Graham (R.SC), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, claimed that the case was “B.S.” and that a previous Manhattan D.A. had dismissed the case.

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