Trump Blamed for GOP’s Midterm Struggles

Jen Psaki Calls Donald Trump a

Jen Psaki Calls Donald Trump a “Loser,” Blames Him for GOP Struggles

( – Since the results of the midterm elections emerged and America came to the realization the Republican Party would not be enjoying the red wave many people predicted, some have started blaming former President Donald Trump and questioning whether he’s lost some of his political clout. Now, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has added her voice to the chorus.

On Friday, November 11, Psaki joined an NBC News roundtable to break down the reported results of the midterm elections. She pulled no punches when it came to Trump, claiming the results of the votes had made him a “loser.” She also discussed the planned announcement of his run for the presidency in 2024, claiming “every sane Republican” would prefer him to wait to reveal his bid until after the Senate runoff election in Georgia in December.

Jen Psaki isn’t the only figure to point the finger of blame at Trump over the GOP’s worse-than-expected performance in the elections. Even Republicans are taking shots at him, with some echoing Psaki’s claims of concerns about the Georgia runoff.

Do you think Donald Trump’s time as the shining star of the Republican Party has come to an end because of the party’s midterm losses? Or, is this merely a bump in the road?

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