Trump Backers “Flock” DeSantis Event

( – Incumbent Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis hosted an event for donors and other supporters in Palm Beach, Florida, and Trump’s former backers were “flocking” to it, Politico reported on February 25.

DeSantis gathered “donors” and the support of GOP politicians as he continued to mull over the presidential run he had not formally announced at the time of the event, ABC News reported. The DeSantis retreat immediately followed Trump’s donor event on February 23 at Mar-a-Lago, which is also located in Palm Beach. More than a hundred donors reportedly attended the governor’s event, which was meant to connect his longtime donors and allies. Media analysts with ABC analyzed that the support for the DeSantis event showcases that Republicans are “keeping their options open” for 2024.

The three-day retreat was hosted at the Four Seasons hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, a mere four miles from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estates. The event, complete with dinner and a cocktail party, kicked off on February 24 and featured DeSantis’ vision for the new “Florida blueprint.” Analysts state that the “Florida blueprint” likely precedes a DeSantis presidential bid.

DeSantis’s recent events and bids to reform Florida’s economic budget have been heavily covered in right-leaning media. In recent news, DeSantis signed a bill to limit Walt Disney World’s self-governing power as a “corporate kingdom” within the state of Florida, Fox News reported.

Former President Donald Trump, DeSantis’ rival in the 2024 Presidential Election, has criticized Fox News for covering DeSantis “so hard, and so much” The Hill reported, saying that the right-leaning news outlet was “promoting” the Florida governor. Trump led DeSantis by 15 points in a hypothetical matchup poll published by Fox News. The poll measured the popularity of possible Republican contenders for the 2024 race.

DeSantis is anticipated to compete against a host of Republican candidates. The crowded docket of contenders for the Republican nomination is expected to ultimately help Trump’s candidacy, The Hill analyzed.

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