Trump Asks for “Battle Plans” From Political Advisers To Attack Mexican Cartels

( – Trump has approached his political advisers regarding “battle plans” for attacking Mexican cartels preparing in the event of his re-election, The Rolling Stone reported. Trump’s comments received media criticism, as political analysts claimed that his plans of attack against Mexican-based cartels had not been sanctioned by the Mexican government.

Trump reportedly received a briefing from the think-tank Center For Renewing America, which created a whitepaper in October focused on “declaring war” on Mexico-based cartels.

The policy paper reportedly recognizes the sovereignty of Mexico and expresses that battle tactics against the cartels would need to be in conjunction with the Mexican government. The exception that media analysts criticized, however, is a line of text explaining that the Mexican government could not have the “veto” power necessary to allow the United States to take action to secure its borders and its people.

Trump has reportedly been considering “battle plans” against Mexican cartels since his last term in office. In a book about his time spent in the Trump administration, former Defense Secretary Mark Esper claimed that Trump had asked him for “plans” to send missile strikes into Mexican territory to strike Mexico-based cartels, NBC reported. Esper described these events in the book titled “A Sacred Oath,” The New York Times reported. In his book, Esper claimed that Trump had stated U.S. involvement in an attack on Mexican soil “could be kept secret.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman Representative James Comer (R.Ky) stated that it had been “a mistake” for Trump not to fire on the Mexico-based cartel sites, NBC reported. Comer’s opinion received criticism from mainstream media analysts who stated that Republicans are “eager” to give Trump plans to “attack Mexico.”

Comer told NBC that discovering Trump’s intentions to bomb labs in Mexico used for producing crystal meth and fentanyl was “one of the best” things that had been learned about his previous administration.

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