Trump Appoints 1776 Commission

Trump Appoints 1776 Commission

( – If Donald Trump’s time in office has taught us anything, it’s the danger of indoctrination into narrow-minded ideologies. Those with Liberal preferences have spent the last four years objecting to everything the president does, simply because he was the one doing it.

On Friday, December 18, Trump announced a series of appointees to his “1776 Commission,” a group he hopes will help to reverse this trend. The aim of this commission is to promote “patriotic education” by discouraging indoctrination, as well as highlighting the flaws of critical race theory.

Trump first announced his intention to undertake this program in November of this year:

The appointees announced on Friday include Charlie Kirk, co-founder of Turning Point USA, and Phil Bryant, former governor of Mississippi.

With everything else that’s going on, it’s encouraging to see President Trump focusing on projects like this one. It illustrates his dedication to the improvement of America despite his ongoing legal battle over the reported election results.

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