Trump Appeals E. Jean Carroll Civil Trial as Legal Issues Surmount

( – Writer E. Jean Carroll has accused former President Donald Trump of assaulting her in a dressing room. Trump now seeks to appeal the case with a “cool down,” as other legal cases begin to surmount. The E.Jean Carroll case hearing was scheduled, at the time of this report, for appeal on April 25, The New York Times reported.

E. Jean Carroll sued Trump in November, claiming he defamed her when he called her a “liar” following her allegations, ABC News reported. Trump is reportedly seeking a four-week delay of the civil trial hearing.

On April 9, NPR News reported that the April civil trial will center around allegations that Carroll made about Trump in 2019. Carroll claimed that Trump raped her in the 1990s. Carroll claimed that Trump assaulted her in a department store’s dressing room, that the action “hurt” and that it was “against her will,” NPR reported. Trump claimed that he had no idea who Carroll was. Trump also claimed that women had been “paid money” to say bad things about him.

Carroll detailed her account as having taken place at an upscale Bergdorf Goodman store in New York City. Caroll claimed that she and Trump met by chance, and that Trump recognized her as “that advice lady” columnist, and that she recognized him as a real estate mogul. She then claimed that Trump asked for help buying a present “for a girl” and that the two of them went into a dressing room area, where she claimed Trump assaulted her. Trump claimed that this did not happen, and compared himself to the Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

More than a dozen women came forward to accuse Trump of misconduct before the 2016 election, NPR News reported.

In the wake of mounting legal cases, Trump has sued his former attorney Michael Cohen for “malicious slander,” MSNBC reported. Trump has sued Cohen for $500 million.

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