Trump Announces Re-Election Agenda to Reform Civil Service

( – Former President Donald Trump has announced an agenda of civil service reforms that would take place in the event of his re-election, NBC reported. The reforms were seen by left-leaning political analysts as a “retribution” and civil service members were described as the “target” of Trump’s intended retaliation. Political analysts explained that Republicans view some members of the civil services as a “cabal” of politically powerful, corrupt entities.

The officials that NBC interviewed have expressed concern over Trump’s civil service reform, calling it “basically doctrine.”

Reportedly, Trump intends to re-enact the “Schedule F” executive order which would re-classify a large number of federal employees. Government Executive, a publication that was critical of the program, called 2022 the ‘year of the living dead” and explained that, in 2022, the Trump administration had worked to reclassify approximately 50,000 federal workers, in what the publication called “the year of the living dead.”

Trump’s announcement about his intended civil service reforms came one month after he released a series of proposals for his re-election campaign agenda, NBC reported.

Trump called out the “hoax” and “corruption at the highest level” of the “truth that was covered up,” by the alleged scandal and cheating over the 2020 election on a broadcast posted to Truth Social. In his broadcast, Trump called out the allegations of a cover-up of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop by officials within the Biden 2020 election campaign, including the incumbent State Secretary Anthony Blinken. Trump referred to a letter that was organized by the Biden campaign and sent by the CIA to discredit the story of the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents, the House Judiciary Committee and Fox News explained on April 21.

The House Judiciary Committee stated that an ex-CIA official testified on the letter that was sent, at the urging but not at the direct request of State Secretary Blinken. Blinken was referred to as “the impetus” of the letter that was sent.

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