Trump ANNOUNCES IT – This Time It’s War!

Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Letitia James

Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Letitia James

( – Former President Donald Trump and New York Attorney General Letitia James have a colorful shared history. James sued Trump, along with three of his children, last September, alleging they had committed fraud. Now, the pair will seemingly settle their differences in the courts once again, as the former president has just filed his own lawsuit against the attorney general.

In his court filing, which his lawyers submitted to the state Circuit Court in Florida, Trump accused James of engaging in intimidatory tactics and harassment against him as well as his family business, the Trump Organization. He used his Truth Social platform, which he owns, to speak about the matter and accused James of being “corrupt,” and alleged her policies had left the city of New York vulnerable to “violent crimes and criminals.”

The difficulties between James and Trump began as soon as the AG took office in 2018. She immediately indicated her intention to use her position to look into Trump’s business dealings, particularly those related to his real estate holdings. The lawsuit she initially filed against Trump alleges his company illegally increased the book value of some of its property holdings.

What do you think the outcome of these lawsuits will be? Is Letitia James in the wrong?

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