Trump ANNOUNCEMENT – He’s Fed Up!

Trump Slams Paul Ryan:

Trump Slams Paul Ryan: “Couldn’t Run for Dog Catcher”

( – An anti-Trump Republican hit out at the former president last Friday, saying Donald Trump will probably lose in the 2024 Republican primary — and, if he doesn’t, will be beaten in the general election. Trump isn’t taking it lying down, though. He’s blasted back in his usual colorful way.

On October 14, former Wisconsin congressman and House Speaker Paul Ryan said he doesn’t think Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee in the 2024 general election. In a series of highly negative comments, he accused Trump of keeping a grip on the GOP through “fear and intimidation” and predicted it would end badly. He also said potential Republican candidates were damaging their own chances by refusing to break ranks with Trump but, eventually, the party would reach a point where an anti-Trump faction takes control, making the former president unelectable.

Trump, who’s consistently the most popular potential nominee among registered Republicans, quickly hit back on his Truth Social platform. Calling Ryan “grossly incompetent,” he said the ex-congressman “couldn’t run for ‘dog catcher’” and labeled him “bad news.” Trump, buoyed by his enduring popularity among Republican voters, doesn’t seem too worried by Ryan’s opinion.

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