Trump Affiliated PAC’s Complaint Against Ron DeSantis Denied

( – The Trump affiliated PAC, Make America Great Again Inc., which formerly filed an ethics complaint against incumbent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, had had their complaint denied, News 4 Jacksonville and NBC News reported.

Make America Great Again Inc. had initially filed a complaint with the Florida Ethics Commission, claiming that DeSantis was acting outside the law and hosting a “shadow campaign” for the 2024 Presidential elections cycle, NBC reported. In Florida, an incumbent official has to leave Florida state office before pursuing the presidency. However, the Florida commission reportedly ruled that the complaint lacked “sufficient” legal context.

In their complaint, MAGA Inc. alleged that DeSantis was running a shadow campaign for the U.S. presidency before officially declaring a run, and was using his position in office in Florida to support his personal endeavors. The complaint, which contained 15 pages and was filed in March, detailed actions taken by organizations “for the benefit” of DeSantis’ political campaign.

In a response publicly posted on April 21, the Florida ethics chairman Glen Gilzean explained that the ethics complaint “never once” explicitly alleged that “the respondent” (referring to DeSantis) had agreements or understandings with the organizations backing his possible presidential campaign. The complaint also never explicitly alleged that DeSantis had “conditioned public action” on the basis of donations, Gilzean wrote, as he was quoted by NBC News.

DeSantis’ possible presidential campaign has been off to a rocky start. Even as the ethics complaint was dismissed, DeSantis has fallen far behind former President Donald Trump in hypothetical Republican primary polls. Florida Republicans have chosen to back Trump’s candidacy in a move that was described by political analysts as politically humiliating for the Florida governor, the Rolling Stone reported.

On top of the loss of his state’s support, DeSantis has been criticized by Republican peers over his ongoing political battle with Walt Disney over the company’s autonomy over the development zone it sits on, The Hill reported.

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