Trump Advisors Consider CNN Town Hall “Calculated Risk,” Analysts Explain

( – CNN invited Trump to appear at the CNN Town Hall, which was held in New Hampshire on May 10. Trump’s political advisors have seen the guest appearance, the first since Trump’s political campaign in 2016, as a “calculated risk” The New York Times reported.

Trump responded to CNN’s invitation in a broadcast posted to Truth Social. During his broadcast, Trump stated that, in his view, CNN had invited him because they were “desperate” to get the ratings back that they had when he was previously welcome on CNN programs. Trump stated that CNN had made him an offer that “he couldn’t refuse” and that, in his view, it may be the beginning of a more positive future for CNN and the end of “fake news,” or that it could be a disaster for all parties involved, including himself. Likewise, Trump stated that CNN’s ratings when he was permitted on their programs before were “like no other.”

Trump posted to social media that he was on his way to “the great state of New Hampshire,” where he would be live on the Town Hall broadcast at 8 pm Eastern Time on May 10.  Before heading to the program, via a Truth Social post, Trump questioned whether CNN was “making a comeback” or if their recent moves to limit the left-leaning focus of their network in favor of more central programming was “a charade.”

CNN addressed the motivation behind its Town Hall in a post by Kristen Holmes on May 10. Holmes writes that the Trump 2024 campaign is focusing on “expanding” Trump’s appeal, by reaching out to audiences beyond the scope of right-leaning outlets that are friendly to the Make America Great Again political agenda. The Town Hall meeting is reportedly a signal that Trump is pursuing a more traditional political campaign for his 2024 run.

Continuing to build on that platform, Holmes wrote that Trump had surrounded himself with a “more experienced” campaign team for his 2024 election bid.

As a New York court ruling motioned to find Trump liable in the claims of sexual abuse and defamation by writer E. Jean Carroll, the CNN Town Hall meeting has taken on “greater stakes,” NPR News reported.

Trump reportedly continues to press forward with his campaign despite the legal investigations he is facing.

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