Trump Accused of “Escalating Violence” Following “Death and Destruction” Comments

( – Former President Donald Trump called out the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on his Truth social media handle, claiming that the “death and destruction” that would follow his possible indictment would be damaging to the United States, MSNBC hosts said on their broadcast. In the wake of his comments, as well as an image Trump posted of himself with a baseball bat in a split screen with Bragg, mainstream media stated that there were concerns Trump’s statements would “incite violence” and claimed that Trump was inciting violence with the, The New York Times reported.

The District Attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg appeared “poised” to indict the former president over testimony from former adult film star Stormy Daniels that she was paid “hush money” by the Trump company to keep silent about an intimate encounter she had with Trump, The New York Times reported on March 20.

As Bragg moved forward with this inquiry, after having reportedly previously stated that he would not pursue the case, he received pushback from the House Judiciary Committee. Bragg responded to a letter from the House Judiciary Committee that the Congress members were “interfering” with New York State sovereignty.

Republican House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan told Fox Business that Bragg was himself “interfering with a federal election.” Jordan stated that Bragg himself had previously said he would not bring the case to court because he could not have disbarred attorney Michael Cohen on the witness stand. Cohen was arrested for lying to Congress. Jordan claimed that Bragg’s motivation for bringing the case to court was Trump’s announcement of his third presidential campaign.

Fox News show host Sean Hannity said on March 24 that, for the second day in a row, grand jury hearings were canceled. Hannity said that it was clear that Bragg had intended to arrest Trump during the week of March 24. Bragg later claimed that Trump created a “false expectation of arrest.” Liberals have claimed that Trump’s statements of outrage over the Daniels hush money case have the potential to incite violence.

On March 22, the day that Trump expected to be arrested, the NYPD deployed in full force anticipating potential riots from Trump supporters.

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