Trudeau Under Fire, Labeled ‘Stupid’ by Critics

( – Canada’s liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently accused Muslim protesters who are against far-left LGBT ideology in schools of being “fueled by the American right-wing.” Trudeau claimed that there isn’t any “aggressive teaching” or changing kids into being LGBT going on in schools and that Muslims in Canada were stirred up into protest by misleading narratives from the American conservative right.

Now, Trudeau’s false accusations are leading to pushback in the Muslim community. Many say Trudeau is ignorant and hypocritical for not understanding their religion and for trying to interfere with parental rights to raise their children in accordance with their beliefs.

Trudeau has also faced mockery in conservative media, where Jeanine Pirro of Fox News said he clearly knows nothing about other faiths and should educate himself so he doesn’t come across as so incredibly “stupid.” Fellow Fox host Greg Gutfeld echoed Pirro’s remarks, noting that parents who are realizing how “dangerous” and “bad” the LGBT extremism being taught in schools truly is are beginning to have “common sense” about retaking control of their children’s lives. Instead of respecting that, Gutfeld said, “woke” Trudeau constantly makes the wrong choice and shows his disrespect for women, minorities, and everyone else with his pro-transgender, exclusionary far-left beliefs.

Trudeau was elected in October of 2015 and reelected in 2021. He garnered support by claiming to champion Canada’s “diversity” and by making frequent appeals to Muslim Canadians and other minorities to support him. According to Trudeau, he was moving Canada into an era of more “tolerance” and harmony. Instead, Trudeau led some of the strictest lockdowns in the world during the pandemic, jailed truckers protesting for basic medical freedom, and is now facing accusations by parents for openly disrespecting their Muslim faith and freedom of religion.

Trudeau’s dismissive comments about Muslim parents protesting to “leave our kids” alone came in the wake of a number of protests attended by Muslims across Canada demanding that far-left LGBT ideology that runs contrary to their beliefs be excluded from Canada’s elementary school curriculum.

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