Top Generals Confronted Over Afghanistan Withdrawal in Senate Testimony

Top Generals Confronted Over Afghanistan Withdrawal In Senate Testimony

( – After almost a month since our calamitous military withdrawal from Afghanistan, serious questions remain about how the Biden administration and military top brass handled matters. Senior officials appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, September 28, to face questions about the botched exit.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) posed tough questions to both Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Senator Cotton sought to focus specifically on how closely President Joe Biden had followed the advice of military experts in relation to his decision-making.

The senator inquired as to whether the generals themselves had advised Biden to maintain a small troop presence in the war-torn nation. Neither leader would comment specifically on discussions they had with the president, but both confirmed they had favored leaving around 2,500 troops on the ground in Afghanistan. This revelation flies in the face of Biden’s claim that he had not received any expert advice telling him to maintain a military presence in the country after August 31.

Cotton speculated that these conflicting reports made it seem as though the president had not personally received the counsel of his top military advisers. This possibility, he said, was “shocking.”

It appears undeniable, at this point, that this episode will leave a lasting stain on Joe Biden’s presidential legacy.

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