Top FBI Official Implicated in Scandal (REPORT)

Top FBI Official Implicated in Scandal (REPORT)

( – The FBI is one of our oldest federal policing groups, home to some of the most elite law enforcement agents on the planet. However, if the Russiagate scandal taught us anything, it’s that its agents are as fallible as anyone else.

On Thursday, December 8, the Associated Press released a report detailing six reports of sexual abuse by FBI officials, including an assistant director. According to the article, none of the agents involved faced disciplinary proceedings. In fact, some were secretly transferred to other roles or allowed to retire with benefits and pensions.

This is only the tip of a large iceberg. The FBI strives to keep these stories under wraps, but certain advocacy groups, as well as members of Congress, are beginning to press for greater transparency about these matters.

The culture of secrecy within organizations like the FBI allows for more effective investigation and policing of federal crimes. However, it has its drawbacks. Unless policymakers introduce stronger protections for whistleblowers in cases like this, or a facility for third-party disciplinary review, stories like these will continue to emerge.

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