Top Democratic Lawyer Caught Using Dark Money to Push Dangerous Agenda

Top Democrat Lawyer Caught Using Dark Money to Push Dangerous Agenda

( – Marc Elias came to prominence several years ago as an attorney who pursued litigation and other actions to further liberal causes. For example, he was instrumental in pushing the narrative that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to help win the 2016 presidential election. Elias was Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer at the time, which endeared him to many Liberals and Democratic politicians. But, a new scandal has recently come to light regarding the activist attorney.

Elias Using Dark Money to Further Liberal Causes

Until recently, Marc Elias worked for the Perkins Coie law firm, a large corporate and political law outfit. In an August 22 press release, Perkins Coie revealed that Elias, along with 13 more of the firm’s employees, was leaving Perkins Coie to set up Elias Law Group. He highlighted the new firm would be working primarily on political matters, including “advocacy” related to the “political and electoral process.”

Before departing, however, it appears that Elias got involved with dark money to promote these kinds of efforts. The Hopewell Fund finances the Democracy Docket Legal Fund, which Elias heads. In turn, the Hopewell Fund is under the management of a consulting firm called Arabella Advisors.

Arabella Advisors manages several funds, which quietly direct money from extremely wealthy donors to left-wing organizations. Others that Arabella manages include the New Venture, the Sixteen Thirty, and the Windward Funds. Collectively, these outfits accepted a whopping $715 million in donations in 2019 alone, and the identities of the individuals who handed over this money remain secret.

In addition, because the Democracy Docket Legal Fund and other similar groups take their funding from nonprofits, they do not have to make individual IRS filings. This allows them to keep many operational details under wraps hence the term “dark money.” All in all, this means Marc Elias (who did not respond when Fox News asked him for a comment on these revelations) has a virtually bottomless pit of cash with which he can run liberal lawsuits.

Where Is This Money Going?

Recently, Elias has focused on the biggest liberal cause of the day as far as the law goes: voting rights. He’s fighting voter ID laws and pushing for mail-in voting to become the norm across the country. And, he’s doing it with millions of dollars in dark funds, the origins of which will likely never be public knowledge.

Stories like these really hammer home the point Donald Trump was making when he said he wanted to “drain the swamp.”

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