Tom Cotton Working on New Bill Targeting China

Tom Cotton Working on New Bill Targeting China

( – It’s become increasingly clear that the current Chinese regime poses many threats to our way of life. Over the years, the Communist giant has shown that it’s capable of causing great damage, but does not care to accept much responsibility for it.

One area in which the malign influence of China is perhaps less obvious is agriculture. However, it’s reportedly a big problem here, too. Chinese actors have been targeting American agricultural businesses through “sabotage and intellectual property theft,” according to Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR).

On Wednesday, April 21, Cotton and Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) introduced legislation to tackle this problem. The Agricultural Intelligence Measures (AIM) Act of 2021 would establish an office linking the Department of Agriculture and the intelligence community. This bill “would leverage the assets of the intelligence community” to protect the agriculture industry from foreign threats.

Legislation like this may be what’s necessary to defend against China’s attacks on America’s interests.

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