Title 42 Immigration Restrictions End, Followed by Political Debate and Criticism

(RepublicanDaily.org) – President Joe Biden is in a political “no-win” situation as the Title 42 immigration legislation ends, Politico reported. Political analysts stated that Biden is getting “pummeled” on both sides of the political aisle.

The United States has been putting “new restrictions” in place to limit the flow of illegal immigration in the U.S. Southern Border. Instead of crossing illegally, the U.S. government is now attempting to get asylum seekers to apply for asylum online, the Associated Press reported.

Title 42 ended with “nearly 60,000 migrants” waiting to cross the U.S. Southern border, CBS News reported. Title 42 was a provision of the United States health code that, in 2020, the Trump administration had been using to prevent illegal crossings into the United States. By using the health clause that was instituted in 1944, the Trump administration was limiting the flow of illegal entrants in the interest of the U.S. public health, reportedly to prevent the spread of the coronavirus through illegal crossings.

The Biden administration has drawn criticism for its waffling stance on immigration policy. In May, this included a lawsuit from the state of Florida for a pledge to release migrants on parole after Title 42 ends, Forbes reported.

On May 12, it was reported that U.S. Border Patrol and Customs had been processing “record numbers” of asylum seekers, in what analysts attributed to the “rapid approach” of the end of the Title 42 enactment, CBS News reported.

Former President and 2024 election cycle contender Donald Trump has been critical of Biden, reportedly saying that “tens of thousands” of people would be pouring into the country as a result of the end of Title 42, Politico reported.

Analysts stated that, while Trump’s criticism was anticipated, the fact that Biden is drawing criticism from progressives as well might not have been equally expected. Biden’s new ruling, called out as being similar to Trump’s so-called “no-transit” bill, is “too harsh,” in the view of progressives, Politico reported. Democrat Representative from Illinois Chuy Garcia stated that Biden’s new ruling was a clear “shift” in his earlier policy, Politico reported.

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