TikTok Is Bringing in Censors from Facebook to Run Company (REPORT)

TikTok Is Bringing in Censors from Facebook to Run Company (REPORT)

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Content moderation is reportedly one of the biggest challenges facing social media companies in 2020. The major platforms employ thousands of people to police their content, spotting posts that breach their rules. Now, it appears the demand for workers to fill these positions is so high, the tech companies are poaching from each other.

On Thursday, November 12, CNBC published a report about content moderators leaving Facebook to work with TikTok. Facebook hires its moderators through third-party outsourcing firms like Accenture and Voxpro, but TikTok offers in-house contracts for these positions.

Some of those who have left the job have spoken of the “psychological distress” that accompanies the work. The quantity of violent content (such as murder and child abuse) that users post to Facebook is reportedly very high. Some ex-employees have even initiated legal proceedings against Facebook, alleging content moderation work caused them to develop PTSD.

This loss of employees will be a blow to Facebook at a time when it’s under scrutiny in the United States for its censorship of political content.

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