Three-Week Manhunt Ends After Escaped Inmate Killed

Three-Week Manhunt Ends After Escaped Inmate Killed

Prison BREAKOUT – Manhunt Ends In Violence

( – Sadly, it appears the increase in violent crime in the United States isn’t slowing down. In recent months, there have been several deadly mass shooting incidents, most notably in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. However, there is some good news — law enforcement in Centerville, Texas managed to apprehend the suspected perpetrator of five violent murders in the area last week.

Gonzalo Lopez was serving a life sentence in prison for capital murder and aggravated kidnapping following his conviction in 2006. On May 12, after allegedly stabbing the officer driving the vehicle, he reportedly managed to escape the custody of law enforcement officials while traveling on a bus for high-risk inmates.

Officials believe Lopez committed five murders after getting away. While authorities were carrying out a welfare check at a home in the Centerville area, they discovered the bodies of one adult and four children. A white Chevrolet Silverado was missing from the property, which officers believe Lopez may have stolen.

The violent fugitive reportedly died in a shootout with police hours after he officially became the chief suspect in relation to those murders.

The manhunt that followed Lopez’s escape was reportedly the largest concentrated effort of its kind in decades. Hundreds of police officers, both on foot and on horseback, joined in the search.

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