Thieves Target Trump’s Miami Resort, Steal 60 Plus Generators

( – Thieves had a field day at the resort owned by former president Donald Trump in Doral, Miami, making off with more than 60 generators that were stored on the property.

The criminals posed as construction workers and first entered Trump’s National Doral Miami golf resort on a white Ford F-150 pickup, where they stole the first 30 generators. The vehicle was captured by surveillance video entering the property late in the afternoon.

The next robbery occurred just five hours after the first, with ostensibly the same crew hitting the resort at night, cutting part of the security fence away and then making off with the remaining 30 generators in a white van.

The total value of the stolen property was not disclosed.

The generators were stored on the property ahead of the LIV Golf tournament that will be held at the resort later in the month.

Doral Police Chief Edwin Lopez told news outlets that the area the generators were stored in was not secured at the time of the robbery, even though there were security personnel present at the property. The criminals’ disguise also helped make the robbery look like a completely ordinary activity, police added.

One of the angles the police are investigating is the possibility that the criminals had an accomplice on the inside. Law enforcement say that the crew that hit the resort was composed of at least four individuals.

“We’re working aggressively to find the culprits… right now anybody could be a suspect,” Lopez told the media.

Detectives who are looking at the case were also reported to be pursuing multiple leads already, and police say that they are optimistic that the culprits will be caught soon. Police are also encouraging members of the public who have knowledge of the theft and the perpetrators to come forward with any information.

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