They Want to Remove Biological Term From Birth Certificates Now

They Want to Remove Biological Term From Birth Certificates Now

( – It’s generally acknowledged that trans people should not face discrimination for their gender orientation. Beyond that, however, there’s fierce disagreement about the degree to which society should make allowances for different gender identities. The best-publicized example of this of late was Laurel Hubbard, the New Zealand weightlifter who made history this week when she became the first openly trans person to compete in the Olympics.

Now, this debate is rearing its head again, this time in the context of birth certificates. It’s emerged that the American Medical Association (AMA) wants to remove biological sex from the public part of birth certificates. Taking this step would help “recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity” and prevent discrimination, the association claims. The birth sex of infants would still be recorded for “medical, public health, and statistical use.”

One can already change the sex on their birth certificate, should they so desire, in 48 states and the District of Columbia. One can also designate oneself as gender-neutral in 10 states. An advocate of the proposed change said removing sex from public birth certificates would save people from jumping through “administrative hoops” to record their preferred gender identity.

Proponents of the change have also noted that parents’ race was once listed on public birth certificates but was removed to avoid discrimination. Should the same standard be applied here, or is the AMA going too far?

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