These 8 States Will Decide the Election

These 8 States Will Decide the Election

( – While the voters will ultimately decide who wins the presidential election, it won’t necessarily be the person who gets the most individual votes. Because of the electoral college system, all the votes from each state go to a given candidate. So, if you live in a “blue” state like California, voting Republican is highly unlikely to actually improve Donald Trump’s chances of winning.

The states in which outcomes are uncertain are called swing states. The following eight states are likely to be the decisive ones in this year’s vote.

1. Florida

Always a key battleground in presidential elections, Florida has the most electoral votes out of the eight states listed here. Latino communities, which have expressed growing support for Donald Trump in recent weeks and months, could prove crucial.

2. North Carolina

North Carolina has voted for Republicans 10 times out of the last 12. However, their most recent Democratic pick was Barack Obama in 2008, under whom Joe Biden served as vice president. Donald Trump’s team should be optimistic about North Carolina, but there’s still a lot to play for.

3. Georgia

Georgia has 13 fewer electoral votes than its neighbor Florida, but could still prove to be a decisive swing state. Having picked the Republican candidate in every election since 1992, Georgia can be expected to show plenty of support for Trump this time.

4. Michigan

Michigan voted for Donald Trump in 2016, which may give the president cause for optimism. However, the last time they went for a Republican before that was in 1988, and the polls show Biden currently leading. Of those listed here, Michigan looks like one of the less promising prospects for the incumbent.

5. Arizona

Like Florida, Arizona has a large Latino population. This demographic could prove very valuable for Donald Trump. They have gone with a Republican candidate 11 times out of the last 12, with Bill Clinton in 1996 being the exception.

6. Minnesota

Having opted for a left-leaning candidate every year since 1972, Minnesota is unlikely to go for Trump this year. He did manage to get 44.9% of the vote here in 2016, compared to the 46.4% that went to Hillary Clinton. However, he will have to defy a large poll deficit to claim Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes this time.

7. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has leaned more toward the left than the right in recent years, giving Democratic candidates their electors in five consecutive elections before 2016. However, having backed Donald Trump last time around, there’s every reason to suspect they might do so again this year.

8. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is yet another state that broke a trend of voting blue to select Donald Trump in 2016. While his poll performance here is currently weaker than Joe Biden’s, he’s got a decent chance of overturning the odds to win Wisconsin again this year.

Making Your Voice Heard

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or something else entirely, the most important thing you can do is get out and vote. Even if it doesn’t look like your preferred candidate will prevail in your state, it’s always important to do your civic duty and support our country’s democracy.

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