“The View” Host Claims Biden Deserves “Benefit of the Doubt” While Trump Doesn’t

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Liberal journalists who slammed former President Donald Trump for unauthorized handling of classified documents are now caught in a dilemma. Two batches of classified documents have been found in offices previously used by President Joe Biden — and if Trump’s papers were a serious offense, aren’t Biden’s too — right? Now, The View co-host Joy Behar has found a simple way out; good old-fashioned double standards.

On January 10, Behar and fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg discussed the growing Biden document scandal, focusing on comments by Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL). Donalds has questioned why Biden even had those documents in his possession — some of them, including top-secret papers related to major foreign powers, were left in an office at a university-affiliated think tank — and why it’s taken six years to get them back into secure storage.

Disputing Donalds’s questions, Goldberg said the congressman “needs to calm down a little bit” and claimed there were differences between the two cases. Behar then jumped in to expand on that, calling Trump “a liar and a thief” and arguing because “We don’t think Biden is a liar and a thief,” he should get the benefit of the doubt. This isn’t an argument most lawyers would be happy to rely on in court, but Behar seems to think it justifies ignoring Biden’s irresponsible handling of secret information.

In fact, whether or not Behar is right about Trump being a liar and thief and Biden not being one is irrelevant. Neither case is about lies or theft; they’re about the incorrect handling of classified documents by senior politicians. Even if Biden has never lied or stolen anything in his life, he’s clearly broken the strict rules that apply to the storage of sensitive material.

One stack of documents was found in the garage at his Delaware home. If it’s a serious offense when Trump does it, it’s just as bad when Biden does it.

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