The US Faces “Simultaneous Showdowns” With China and Russia; Bipartisan Unity Over Chinese Spy Balloons

( – The U.S. now faces the prospect of “simultaneous shows” with China and Russia as world relations tense again, CNN analyzed.

The situation of a return to world superpower showdowns will be “crystalized” on February 17 when the Munich Security Conference begins, CNN reported. The current domination struggle between the United States, Russia, and China, the global three superpower nations, has created a “tense moment” in geopolitics. The Munich Security Conference is expected to be “dominated” by the debate over the Russian incursion into Ukraine and follows the series of suspected Chinese surveillance craft intercepted in the United States and Canadian airspace earlier in February.

U.S. and China relations spiked when, earlier in February, a Chinese surveillance aircraft was detected by the Pentagon over U.S. airspace. President Joe Biden ordered the balloon be shot down. The balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean by a U.S. military F22 fighter jet. The U.S. Navy has collected the debris for analysis.

The Chinese spy balloon is equipped with capabilities that collect “unseen info” and could be potentially used for “preparing for the battlefield,” Fox News reported. Matt McInnis, a senior fellow with the Institute for the Study of War’s China program, told Fox News the Pentagon has taken political and informational value from intercepting the balloon, and could use it to understand Chinese military surveillance systems.

As tensions mount over China, there has been an uncommon unity between the Republican and Democratic caucuses in Congress over the issue of Chinese surveillance craft. Democrats joined Republicans in a vote in Congress on a resolution to demand the Biden administration give more information about the surveillance balloon debacle, Fox News reported.

Unity between Republicans and Democrats over the China balloon debacle has “backfired” for China, “enshrining” rare bipartisan unity and resolve over the issue, CNN analyzed.

While tensions spike between the U.S. and China, the top Chinese Communist regime diplomat will meet with Russian officials in February, CNN reported.

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